Earthshine-Robotic is a Low Earth Orbit platform capable of hosting payloads on both the exterior as well as inside a pressurized habitat.
Entirely unmanned, the payloads are delivered to the Earthshine-Robotic platform via either a small launch vehicle or an orbital transfer vehicle. After docking, robotic arms transfer the payload from the vehicle to the platform. Earthshine-Robotic then provides power and communications to the payloads.
Render of Earthshine-Robotic with payload canister. Earth is visible in the background.
Gain Hardware Heritage
Earthshine-Robotic is the perfect platform for gaining hardware heritage in space. Instead of space hardware suppliers building, buying or bartering for a spacecraft to test their hardware, customers can focus on just building the payload.
Perform Science and Manufacturing
Earthshine-Robotic is also suitable for hosting Earth and sun observation instruments and science experiments on external bays. The pressurized internal payload bays are suitable for both science and manufacturing, and Radiant Space Systems is also working with down-mass providers to potentially return payloads to Earth.
Exterior render of Earthshine-Robotic with Earth in the background.